Mother’s Day Gift Guide Downtown Stratford

Whether you’re going the “conventional route” or looking for something unique…whether you’re spoiling the mama in your life, or someone without one… Downtown Stratford is FILLED with cool ideas. Here are a few:

  • MOTORCYCLE MAMA: sweet leather jacket
  • FOODIE MAMA: cooking lessons, supplies, cookbook, finally that really good knife, fabulous brunch, tickets on a Culinary Trail
  • FUR BABY MAMA: doggie treats, pet grooming, fancy studded collar
  • WINE-LOVER MAMA: beautiful stemware, wine for cellar, cocktail kit (okay that’s not wine but it’s fun)
  • DRAMA MAMA: theatre tickets
  • BOOKWORM MAMA: books books books (or a new e-reader)
  • TATTOO MAMA: a tattoo or two
  • PAMPERED MAMA: bath and body products, blowout, spa treatments, pedicure, massage (we could make this list REALLY long)
  • ART MAMA: something beautiful for the wall
  • MOVIE MAMA: a trip or two to the world’s tiniest theatre
  • BEDAZZLED MAMA: something sparkly
  • ACTIVE MAMA: bike tuneup, sporty gear, yoga pass that includes extra relax time
  • VINTAGE MAMA: something old that feels new
  • TEATIME MAMA: delicious tea (with crumpets and jam), tea set
  • PLANTY MAMA: flower bouquet, garden gear, ANOTHER monstera (yes she needs it)
  • MUSIC MAMA: pump up mama’s vinyl collection, new guitar strings
  • EARTH-LOVING MAMA: plants, loved-again items, hand-made stuff, conscious clothing
  • HOME DECOR MAMA: that lamp that makes everyone gasp in excitement
  • SENTIMENTAL MAMA: nothing says what you want to say better than the perfect gift card
  • FASHION MAMA: those earrings she’s been eyeing
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