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1000 reasons to visit


But how? That’s the thousand dollar question!

This month marks 6 months of our new website being in the world and we absolutely love how it captures our beautiful downtown. From our flashy new directory of over 300 businesses, to parking/cycling/events, a gorgeous gallery of photos and videos, and a robust Membership area. And that’s just some of what we’re offering inside our new site. We can’t wait for you to explore.

Win A THOUSAND ($1000) Downtown Dollars! Wow! That’s an incentive.

Enter HERE ON THIS PAGE by entering answers to the following THREE QUESTIONS in the form below:

  1. Which business in the Blog section sells Beanie Babies?
  2. How old is the BIA? (hint About section)
  3. Which business comes last in the D section of the Directory? 

You have two weeks to enter: March 20th to 31st!

Winner will be drawn and contacted on April 5th!

It’s a thousand dollar browse… GOOD LUCK!

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