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Reuse, Reduce, Redress. A Slow Journey To Style

by Sara-Jeanne Hosie of Fawn

Member Musings: Reuse, Reduce. Redress. A “SLOW” journey to style.

“Reuse, reduce, redress. Join us below as we take a “SLOW” journey to style.”

Preloved – where every wrinkle tells a story, every stitch holds a secret, and every imperfection is an invitation to a more creative expression of style.

I invite you, the reader, to consider the joy and reward that comes with shopping secondhand. 

Now, I know the idea of walking into a store filled with other people’s used belongings can feel icky to some. I hear that, completely, and I also believe that it is just a mindset. Let’s take a trip together, in our minds, to our favourite department store. Are you there? Good, me too. Let’s scan the aisles and find something gorgeous that we love! Found it! Now, as you admire this gorgeous piece, think about how many people have tried it on that day, that week. Or how many people bought it, kept the tags on, wore it and then returned it. Suddenly, all clothing is technically “used”, isn’t it? 

Listen! I am not trying to take the buzz kill out of your shopping experience! Not at all! Get that gorgeous item! And if you love shopping at that department store, then you should. But if you’re not also shopping at the thrift store down the street… I’m here to ask you why?  

Thrift shopping, to me, is about the thrill of the hunt, and the love of  “rescuing the abandoned”. I love infusing life back into an item, by reminding it that it still has worth. Just because it has endured a hard breakup with its owner doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of new adventures.

the joy of shopping second-hand

Take a wee sequinned purse as an example… That wee purse attended so many black tie events, received endless compliments, and held its owners treasured items for years on many a happy occasion. But, over time, it lost a few sequins, and was thrown out and forgotten. Well, that wee purse just needs you to see its beauty again, reimagine those spots where it lost its sparkle, and invite it to accompany you to an evening out on the town. Voila! You’ve given it a new lease on life! Not to mention, you likely only paid 5% of it’s original price for it. 

Thrifting clothing not only can save you money, but it cultivates unique style choices while promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental impact fashion has on our planet. 

Most importantly, thrifting encourages mindful consumption… and being mindful is the first step towards change.

The joy of purchasing second-hand

Now, I’m not saying it’s easy. Any new habit takes time. It takes time to remember to do it, to fight the constant need for instant gratification, and to believe the impact that your change can make. But if you’re willing to take the time… it’s worth it. 

Here are a few ideas to begin your journey to a more sustainable relationship with fashion and your style. “Reuse, Reduce, Redress.

  1. Choose Quality Over Quantity: Opt for well-made, durable clothing pieces that are designed to last. This means you’ll need to replace them less often, reducing overall consumption and waste.
  2. Support Ethical Brands: Research and support fashion brands that prioritize ethical practices, such as fair wages, safe working conditions, and sustainable materials. Look for certifications like Fair Trade or B Corp to ensure transparency and accountability.
  3. Shop Secondhand: Embrace the thrifting culture by exploring vintage stores, and consignment shops. Buying secondhand not only extends the lifecycle of clothing but also reduces the demand for new production, ultimately lowering your carbon footprint.
  4. Mindful Consumption: Before making a purchase, consider whether you truly need the item and how often you’ll wear it. Are you buying it because it’s useful or are you buying it because you had a bad day and retail therapy is REAL THING? 🙂
  5. Care for Your Clothes: I can’t encourage this enough. Extend the lifespan of your garments by following proper care instructions, such as washing in cold water, air drying whenever possible, and mending any minor damages.
  6. Clothing Swaps: If you’re bored with some items, your size has changed, or you’re just itching for some new looks, swaps are the perfect solution. Not only do you  save money but they are also super fun and social! Invite your friends to bring 10 pieces that they no longer wear or use… then… SWAP! Everyone goes home with something NEW! Well… something new to them. 

Reuse, Reduce, Redress. Join us on a “SLOW” journey to style. 

Whether you’re a novice thrifter or an old pro may you cultivate more mindfulness in your daily relationship with style. Let the thrifting begin! 

Sara-Jeanne Hosie | Fawn Over You

SJ lives in Stratford with her husband Kevin and their Dog Frannie. She balances a life of being a Theatre Artist (this season performing at the Festival) and a Small Business Owner. With a true passion for personal styling SJ loves to help people reach their goal of feeling authentic in their wardrobe. Her love of thrifting started very early in life and she finds a lot of joy introducing people to the concept and watching them realize the potential that awaits in the aisles. SJ owns Fawn, a shop at 13 York Street that focuses on Upcycling, Preloved fashion and local designers. Come on down or visit @fawn.overyou

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